In times of financial crisis, MortarStone is here to help!

We are facing unprecedented financial times, and we understand that giving is probably down across the nation. We at MortarStone want to reassure you that God is in CONTROL and is BIGGER than COVID-19, and we’re here to help you through these uncertain times.

Below are the resources we’ve developed to help you combat and resolve your funding issues.

Free 30-Minute Giver Engagement Strategy Session

Our team of Generosity Advisors is ready to help! We’ve offering a FREE 30-minute giver engagement strategy session that will help you evaluate, assess, and develop plans to increase your online and recurring giving. We will also help you build a contingency plan for Easter and the upcoming summer months. Schedule your meeting today!

WEBINAR: Church Funding & Engagement in the Midst of COVID-19

The world, as we know it has completely changed, and so has how we do church and receive funding. How can you make sure your funding doesn’t move into crisis mode? We’ve put together a few things to glean from your giving data that will help you develop plans and strategies to combat funding losses. Click to watch and share this webinar. 

BLOG: Church Funding & Engagement in the Midst of COVID-19

It’s official, Covid-19 is now affecting church attendance, but will it also affect your giving? And, which givers are going to be most impacted? We believe the church is the best place for Christians to receive wise, Biblical counsel for handling ‘Life Events.’ In this post, we will give you three strategies you can do to prepare for changes in giving, and help your givers prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic as well as future events. READ MORE

BLOG: Key Communication Strategies for Giving During Crisis

Now that we are facing unprecedented changes, it’s essential that we communicate with complete transparency to our church members. We’ve put together a sample of daily communication options that you can use to maintain and potentially grow giving during this time. READ MORE