Customer Spotlight – Targeted Discipleship

Segmenting your givers and customizing financial courses that meet the needs of each of these groups is essential for discipling givers along their generosity journey. MortarStone user Barry Leicher serves as Executive Pastor for New Life Christian Ministries in Saxonburg, PA, and has been using his analytics to help reach givers at every stage.

Barry has used MortarStone for the last ten months to track giving bands within his church. His team has put together a series of courses called “Financial Foundations,” and they offer the following generosity building classes:

  • Class 101 – Building Budgets and Defeating Debt
  • Class 201 – How to Invest and Save for All it’s Worth
  • Class 301 – Give Now and Give Later, How to Plan for Financial Freedom 
  • Class 401 – Leaving a Legacy of Significance 

Using MortarStone, Barry was able to segment his givers, based on bands and send targeted emails for each class. For example, givers within bands 1 and 2 received information about attending their 101 class. Barry also segmented givers using the age demographics in his MortarStone platform. 

Within each targeted email, Barry included specific information that he believed would make the class appealing to each particular group of givers. For their 101 class, they placed a heavy emphasis on a biblical view of stewardship and generosity, along with a practical application for budgeting and getting out of debt. 

The response New Life received from segmenting their givers and offering customized classes was incredible! Barry writes, “We had 50 folks attend our 101 class, and 48 signed up for our 201 class this weekend. It’s the most well-attended financial course we’ve ever offered. I believe the data from MortarStone helped us send the right message to the appropriate people.” 

We love being able to share Barry’s story and build a community of generosity leaders that collaboratively share their best practices to grow the Kingdom. Special thanks to Barry and his team at New Life Christian Ministries for taking the time to give to this community.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear it! Just send us an email with how you’re using MortarStone to reach the people at your church.