CityRise: West U Baptist
6218 Auden Houston, TX 77005


May 02 2024


9:30 am - 2:30 pm



Beyond Cash: How to build and Develop a Legacy Impact Ministry


Are you providing your givers with the best opportunities to give generously to the ministries impacting their lives? Do your givers know the funding needs at your church?

Beyond Cash is a 1-day training that will give you the tools and strategies to successfully communicate your funding needs and provide your givers with creative solutions to make gifts that help now, gifts that help later, and gifts that produce income. These tax advantaged gift options will empower your givers to give what they want instead of what they can.

Fully fund your church today and for the future — join us for this one-day intensive generosity training!

You will learn how to –

Current Insights and Best Practices from the 2023 MortarStone Generosity Report.

How to Measure & Manage Your Giving Analytics: Learn how to use data-driven tools to make solutions-based decisions.

How to Increase Generosity with Creative Funding: Exponentially increase your annual giving with creative gift solutions that comprehensively solve your funding problems today and for the future.

How to Develop Giver-Centric Messaging: Learn the difference between church-centric and giver-centric messaging and how to better reach givers from their perspective.

How to Effectively Communicate with Your High-Capacity Givers: Learn how to increase confidence for building relationships and communicating your church vision with high-capacity givers.