New Year – How to Create Sticky Givers

1. How many New Givers are you on-boarding each month?

Track how many new givers came in January and schedule a time to connect with each of them. Find out how the church can help them grow their walk with Christ and remember to thank them for their generosity. Helping to onboard these new givers will increase your attendance and giving retention for 2019.

2. How many New Givers gave a second gift?

Identify which New Givers came back and gave a second time. A second-time gift indicates that the giver has a heart for your ministry – take this opportunity to get them involved. Get to know your second-time givers and find out if there is a particular area of ministry that they would like to help grow.

3. How many New Givers become Core Givers at your church?

Core Givers are defined as those that give $200 or more per year to your church. How many of your New Givers are becoming Core Givers? Are you seeing a decline or increase in the number of Core Givers? If you’re using MortarStone, the Acquisition chart can help you track and identify which New Givers you have retained each month and which you’ve lost. Reach out to both lost and retained givers to build a deeper relationship and connection to your church.

4. How many New Givers do you assimilate?

New Givers visit your church each week, but how many of them get involved and assimilate into your church culture? As we talked about above, you have to connect with New Givers, present them with ministry opportunities, and continually build relationships. If a New Giver feels welcomed, appreciated, supported, and a part of your ministry they will assimilate and become a Core Giver.

5. Are you praying for New Givers?

The first step in any ministry is prayer. Are you actively looking at your New Giver list and praying for each person? By leading with prayer, you are allowing God to have the ‘first-fruits’ of your stewardship ministry and He will help you reach these givers.

Be encouraged by New Givers in 2019, and remember Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”