Best Ways to Thank Givers

Your givers make your mission possible. They’re also people. Real live humans! This means they need to hear from you…like a human. “Only 6% of trackable giving to your church’s giving fund comes from new givers over the course of a year (MortarStone.com).” If this statistic rings true for your church, then we must employ better ways to thank givers and increase the likelihood that new givers will continue to support your ministry.

Here are some helpful tips for thanking (and keeping!) your monthly givers:

  1. Know Your Giver: Capture information on how your givers gave and which campaign or program they are supporting. Did they become a monthly giver in response to a special appeal or at an event? Were they asked to donate by one of your board members? You need these details to properly thank and cultivate them.
  2. Always Thank Your Givers: Always. No exceptions, no excuses. Also, your thank you should reflect the fact that they’re recurring givers.
  3. Thank Early: You should thank your givers within a few days of setting up their recurring donation.
  4. Thank Often: Thank your givers several times, over time, and keep reporting back on the cumulative impact they are making.
  5. Express Appreciation: Say how pleased and thankful you were to get the donation. What did it mean to you and the people you serve? Emotion begets emotion; so don’t shy away from effusive praise. Your monthly givers definitely deserve it.
  1. Focus on Emotion: Tell a short, compelling story or use a specific example that shows what monthly givers make possible. Tug at the heartstrings and bring your mission to life. Some fun ideas: Take photos of your work and slip one of those pictures into a mailed card. (Yes, through the post office!) If the donation was made to a specific ministry, have the head of that ministry write the note.
  2. Give Credit: Your communications to monthly givers (and all givers, really) should use the word “you” a lot more than you use the word “we.” Give your givers credit for what you do in every piece of outreach.
  3. Be Specific About the Impact: Make very clear how you will use the money they’ve given and tie that impact back to the campaign that prompted your monthly giver to give.
  4. Make It Personal: In addition to addressing the giver by name, a real person should sign the thank you letter. No “Dear Friend” or “Dear Supporter” salutations—and no nameless signatories! We recommend you get creative with who “signs” your electronic and mailed letters. A staff member, a volunteer, or a beneficiary can add significance to your acknowledgment.

Remember, givers want to know their gift is being put to good use. They want to make a difference! So, your job is to make sure they know that they are doing just that.

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