1-Day Onsite Training

1-Day Onsite Training

MortarStone’s customized 1-Day Onsite training programs strategically build systems that increase church giving, grow attendance, and develop plans for sustainable, long-term funding.

Our coaches come to your church and train up to 25 people from your ministry team during a customized 1-Day Onsite Training.

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Analytics  & Generosity Ministry Training

• Team Coaching (up to 25 people)

• Church Vision & Mission Development

• Developing Policies & Operational Efficiencies

• Understanding Your Analytics: Setting Up Benchmarks & Goals for New Givers, Lapsed Givers, Core, Givers & Top Givers

• Analyzing Your Acquisition Rates, Giving Increases & Decreases, Giver Churn, and Retention

• Big Data Analysis of Community Statistics as It Compares to Your Church

• Create Strategic Plans for Communicating with New Givers, Lapsed Givers, Core Givers, & Top Givers

• How to Develop a Culture of Generosity

• Building a Generosity Ministry Team

• Training for Planned Giving Conversations, Leading a Vision Campaign, and Journey of Generosity programs

Planned Giving Training

• The ‘Why’ Behind Planned Giving

• Understanding Gift Planning & Benefits for the Giver & Church

• Analytics & Demographics of Planned Giving

• Giving Vehicles & Which is Right for Your Church

• Strategy for Developing a Planned Giving Ministry

• Gift Administration & Legal Counsel

• Giver Education & Conversations

• Building Volunteer Teams

• Goal Setting & Benchmarks

Your 1-Day Onsite Training can be customized further to meet the particular needs of your church.

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