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Grow Givers & Giving

Quickly access giving opportunities and apply proven strategies that care for your givers and encourage Kingdom-focused generosity. Don’t take our word for it – check out this testimonial from Cuyahoga Valley Church

Close the Back Door

Better engage New Visitors, retain Givers, and reconnect with Lapsed Givers! MortarStone gives you the tools you need to reach everyone at your church. Build a sticky culture and grow your church with generosity strategy and real-time giving data.

Quick & Easy Giving Reports

Don’t waste hours on a spreadsheet – with the click of a button, you can access 40+ giving reports! MortarStone helps you report to executive church teams, elder boards, and other ministries. With generosity software from MortarStone, you can quickly and easily get the information you need to make strategic decisions.

Church Health Report

Build A Generous Culture 

Financially disciple your givers – MortarStone has built-in Giver Development Strategies and Targeted Email Tools that help you build a more generous culture at your church. Communicate with high-capacity givers the importance of tax-saving, non-cash gifts and generate sustainable long-term funding for your ministries.

Track Unlimited Funds & Giving Initiatives

Are you starting a giving campaign? Do you have different funds for ministries at your church? Tracking is quick and easy with MortarStone. Identify which givers are funding your initiatives and track their progress. Unlimited funds help you better segment your church’s giving.

MortarStone is everything you need to grow your church – instant API integration or CSV uploads.

Why not give MortarStone a try? Get the tools you need to increase giving and grow engagement today!

Real Churches. Real Results

Trusted by 3000+ churches for 13 years – MortarStone has helped to raise and track $76 billion in giving!


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