From coast to coast and points in-between, our team is comprised of professionals dedicated to using their God-given talents to resource the local church.

David Thoroughman, Co-Founder and CEO

David co-founded MortarStone in 2012 with the vision to build a company that allows data and managed workflows to improve the growth and discipleship process within the church. David has 25+ years experience in finance, stewardship, and church leadership.  He trains churches, nationwide on the importance of generosity and how to disciple givers to steward their God-given gifts.

David is married to his high school prom date and sweetheart, Melissa. They have one daughter Madison and a Labrador retriever.  He is an avid snow skier, loves hiking, traveling, and cooking.  When he is not working on MortarStone, he can be found farming alfalfa, driving a tractor, or raising 1,000’s of pounds of rainbow trout.

Craig Rogers, Co-Founder and COO

Craig is a co-founder and principal at MortarStone. He enjoys teaching church leaders how to reach more disciples and surface pastoral care opportunities using software.  Craig oversees both our data import and customer support teams. He also helps lead our development and coaching teams, visiting churches nationwide to train them on the importance of data analytics in developing a sustainable stewardship ministry.

Craig and his wife Stephanie are both native Nevadans and have been married for 26 years; they have two sons. Craig loves to golf but admits that he’s not very good at it.

Brent Spicer, Exec. Vice President

Brent has been involved in stewardship and generosity since 2002. He spent 15 years with Ramsey Solutions leading one of the largest departments in the organization, which trained and worked with thousands of churches across America.

Brent is passionate about helping churches create a sustainable culture of generosity through strategy, discipleship, and analytics. He leads our marketing and sales operations, as well as our strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Brent is married to his high school sweetheart, Tonya and they have three children, Madalyn, Daniel, and Lydia. He is an Elder at his local church and also leads the stewardship ministry. In his free time, Brent enjoys fishing, hunting, and hiking.

Eric Hayes
Chief Technology Officer

Deb Kallina
Senior Developer

Meagan Brown
Generosity Coach & Consultant

Nikki Flaming
Director of Marketing & Sales

Joe Glenn
Sales & Customer Service Manager

Tim Deatrick, D.Min
Director of Professional Services

Mike Martin
Account Executive

Kent Singletary
Generosity Ministry Partner

Elijah Rogers

Isaiah Rogers

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