The insights I’ve gained from MortarStone have helped me to lead a better and more informed stewardship ministry – one that truly disciples our congregation into greater relationships with God. 

Chris Mathews, Grace Chapel

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CVC Testimonial

As a stewardship pastor responsible for cultivating generosity, I find the analysis provided by MortarStone to be extremely valuable in understanding the trends with my financial leaders.

Scott S.
Bayside Church, Roseville, CA

Understanding how to look at our giving data has been critical for driving growth. Seeing new faces in the hall is great, but to learn who has slipped out the back is just as important. Giver churn is the silent killer of any ministry and understanding churn has lead to process management and improvement.

Nikelle D.
Lives Changed by Christ, Lancaster, PA

At The Rock, we use Fellowship One to manage our church and MortarStone to manage our givers. Their software provides great insights into our givers helping us manage and understand our trends like never before and in real time.

Chuck L.
The Rock Church, San Diego, CA


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