At some point in life, we all come to the intersection of faith and finances.  How we navigate that experience will go a long way in determining our success in our walk with God and life.
Imagine the impact financially free Christians could have on their communities and world!

In Generous Life Journey, Gunnar Johnson shares lessons in handling finances from a godly perspective.

This book will show you:

  • Big-picture financial principles from the Word of God
  • How to have biblical stewardship
  • How to have a life of overflowing generosity
  • Tools for living in financial freedom
  • Techniques for using money as a resource to fund God’s kingdom
  • Plus, much more!

ONLY $11.99 (shipping included)

About the Author

Gunnar Johnson has been in stewardship and generosity ministry since 1999 starting on staff with Crown Financial Ministry. Since 2001, Gunnar has been involved with Dave Ramsey as a financial coach and class leader. While serving as Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, Gunnar helped to architect one of the largest stewardship ministries in the country with more than 150 volunteers serving thousands of people per year.

Gunnar is the author of Generous Life Journey, Financial Freedom course, Delete Debt course andThe Generous Church Journey. Gunnar served as a board member for the Christian Stewardship Network for over ten years and ministers to people across Europe with Genistar Financial using his co-authored Financial Freedom International curriculum.