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Is Church Giving Declining Among the Generations?

Reno, NV (March 18th, 2024) — A recent report on post-pandemic church giving from MortarStone, a leading church analytics software organization, provides vital insights that are shaping the way many churches approach generosity.

Key findings from MortarStone’s 2023 Annual Generosity Report reveal a nuanced picture of church giving across different sizes and demographics such as generations. While giving amounts might appear higher, taking inflation into account tells a different story. For churches with annual contributions under $2.5 million, their real giving has seen a decline of 9.4% over recent years. Most striking is the significant drop in giving since the pandemic, with only 38.4% of pre-COVID giving households contributing to the same church in 2023.

This decline in giving is further compounded by the fact that 74% of the nation’s privately held wealth is controlled by individuals born before 1964. With the aging of this generation, the church faces the challenge of engaging younger generations in stewardship and generosity to sustain and grow its mission.

The Annual Generosity Report also highlights the persistent issue of end-of-year giving, which remains significantly lower in churches compared to non-profit organizations, suggesting a need for churches to adopt more proactive and creative strategies in encouraging donations.

“This is a ‘must read’ for church leadership teams,” suggests Chris Goulard, Pastor of Strategic Advancement, Saddleback Church and Board Chair, Christian Stewardship Network. “The trends they identify in this report should shape the way we disciple people in the area of giving and generosity.”

MortarStone’s Annual Generosity report outlines additional highlights on generational giving, and what individual churches can do to guard themselves in the coming years. MortarStone is an innovative platform tailored for church leaders, offering strategic resources to cultivate a culture of generosity within church communities. It provides insights into giving patterns and member engagement, enables church leaders to make informed decisions, personalize outreach, and nurture a spirit of giving. MortarStone stands as a partner in ministry, transforming individual generosity into collective growth and meaningful impact for the church.

For more information on the Annual Generosity Report, and to download your copy, visit our webpage.