Increase funding and grow your church with MortarStone analytics!

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Easily Tracked Giving

No more messy spread sheets! With MortarStone you can quickly track your church’s real-time giving progress with easy-to-read dashboard reporting.  If you have a capital campaign or giving initiative, you can easily see real-time results. Find out how – Get a Demo!

Clear, In-Depth Reporting

Knowing your givers is key to understanding how your ministry is funded. MortarStone gives you a more holistic view of WHO your givers are and HOW they’re giving. Get a Demo


Help your church reach its giving potential – with MortarStone you can assign tasks to specific church leaders notifying them when someone has given to the church for the first time, begun to give more frequently, or has lapsed. Get a Demo


If your church is collecting funds to support a specific giving initiative or launching a capital campaign, our analytics help you track and manage pledges, givers and giving. Get a Demo

Track Giving Movement

Track the movement of your givers each day using the ‘Moments’ feature – you can see which givers are increasing, decreasing, or remaining consistent in their giving. Get a Demo