Giver Communication

Customer Spotlight: Giver Communication Strategy

Churches are once again reporting growing numbers of in-person attendees, as well as online. Now, more than ever, it’s important that you have a strategy for connecting with these people and getting them engaged in ministry. Growing healthy disciples is a relational ministry, and with the help of your giving reports, you can identify these households and build communication strategies around discipleship. 

MortarStone user Amy Moffeit, Director of Finance and Administration at North Church, has designed a communication procedure that encompasses the help of her church leadership team. Together they are building relationships with more givers and using these opportunities to minister to those in need. 

Here is Amy’s Communication Procedure:

  • First Contribution: Letter from the Director of Finance
  • Second Contribution: Handwritten Note from Location Pastor


Dear ____________

Thank you for being a part of North Church!

The staff let me know of your financial investment in our church. While I am not aware of the amount, your gift is very generous and will return a big impact in the lives of many. Your part in our church really matters. It is an honor to be your pastor and to have you as a part of our community!

Thoughts from Pastor:

The wording being more personal and praying for them than acknowledging giving and if the pastor doesn’t know them, they ask for said person to please introduce themselves at this next weekend experience.

  • Out of ordinary gift over $1000: Handwritten note from the Director of Finance or Executive Pastor
  • Lapsed Giving: Director of Finance reports to Executive Pastor and Location Pastor for follow up

Following this system, Amy was blessed last month with a special note from a recent giver – 

“Dear Amy, thank you for your letter of financial accountability. I have visited a few churches over the past year in search of a new church home. You are the first to acknowledge receipt of my initial tithe. I greatly appreciate your letter because it is consistent with financial accountability and the mission of giving. Quarantine began just as I found North Church. I have watched online regularly since. The spirit of generosity is moving! I look forward to an in-person visit when appropriate.” – North Church Giver 

Reaching out to your givers is the beginning of financial discipleship, and Amy’s example is one you can start implementing at your church. Let’s be about the ministry of Christ and continually strive to build relationships that connect people with His love. 

Thanks to North Church and Amy Moffeit for allowing us to share this example of discipleship. This is our story, your story, and God’s story.