10 Traits of A Great Stewardship Ministry Volunteer

Volunteers are essential to the success of any church ministry, and the specific character traits of your volunteers can either positively or negatively affect how people grow spiritually. Gunnar Johnson explains the qualities that each stewardship ministry volunteer should exhibit to create a positive experience with your ministry, the church, and their personal walk with Christ.

10 Great Volunteer Traits

1.  Strong Walk with Christ – A strong disciple of Christ with a deep connection will be able to replicate spiritual transformation in the lives of others.
2.  Integrity – Teaching about money from the Bible can bring about many temptations for personal gain. Strong integrity in a volunteer’s character builds confidence in the reputation of the church, and within the lives of the people they are serving.
3. Confidentiality – The ability to be confidential is a critical skill to uphold the trustworthiness of the ministry. When trust is built in your ministry, your congregation will be more willing to support generosity initiatives.
4.  Transparency – Our most efficient ministry tool is our personal testimony of stewardship. We all have a story to tell and should be brave enough to share our failures and successes. People want to know that you understand their situation and can share in their experience. Transparency builds trust.

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5.  Equipped – It is not advantageous or fair to have stewardship volunteers that lack the proper training for success. A stewardship volunteer that is equipped with both proper Bible knowledge and the financial application of generosity will successfully be able to serve the church.
6.  Teachable – Stewardship ministry has an ever-evolving landscape. A teachable volunteer will better serve the church and the people God has entrusted to us.
7.  Excellent Reputation – There is a saying, “Time will either expose you or promote you.” A poor reputation negatively affects the credibility of the ministry.
8.  Compassionate – Life is hard, and many people are searching for the grace and compassion Christ calls us to give. Volunteers that are compassionate will see a greater return on their Kingdom investment.
9.  Appetite for Scripture – The better a person knows the Bible and can navigate scripture, the more confident they will be counseling and teaching through stewardship. Volunteers that have a longing appetite for the Word of God will be able to share this passion with ministry.
10.  Clear Communication – Spiritual transformation happens when ‘head’ knowledge transfers to ‘heart’ knowledge, but poor communication can hinder the work of God in the lives of others. Clear communication will further the vision of your ministry.

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