No more complicated excel worksheets. MortarStone integrates with your ChMS, allowing you to track giving patterns at deeper levels and gain insights that help you fully fund ministry. Offered FREE to Gyve churches!

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MortarStone users see a 15% increase in giving in just one year!

Easily identify givers and develop strategy that fuels generosity.

Track Giving Patterns & Increase Recurring Gifts

Identify giving behaviors with comprehensive reporting features that help you track patterns and make informed decisions.

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Retain New Givers, Re-Engage Lapsed Givers & Encourage Generosity

Help new givers become recurring givers, disciple lapsed givers, and better engage top givers with reporting features that encourage generosity.

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“MortarStone helps me tremendously as the pastor responsible for encouraging gifts of our generous partners and for thanking, informing, and celebrating them. I couldn’t do my job effectively or efficiently without MortarStone.”

-Bayside Church, Roseville, CA

Understand Giving Demographics by Fund & Campus Location

Analyze giving based on demographic indicators, fund types and campus locations.

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Create a Sticky Church

Develop strategies that keep givers and grow your attendance with real-time acquisition reporting.

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Fully Fund Your Church with FREE Analytics From MortarStone!  

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