Release Notes – January 2024

January 2024

At MortarStone, we are always striving to help our customers gain insight to further understand their community as well as shepherd and disciple them well to be generous givers. Here are just a few of the latest updates and enhancements in MortarStone:

Zero-Giving Filter: A new search filter that identifies households that have given exactly zero dollars in a specified range. This filter is currently under a feature flag, as it is being tested for efficiency before full release. Churches can activate this feature by going to Settings and under the New Features Preview link.

New Benchmarks Report: A new version of the Overall Health Report, reworked for better clarity.

    • Renaming to ‘Benchmark Report’: This new name better reflects the report’s functionality. It offers more specific insights compared to the previous “Overall Health” report, which implied a broader summary.
    • Clarified Metrics: Enhancements include a clearer explanation of how the Growth Score is calculated, detailed descriptions of what each benchmark measures, and the context for each benchmark.
    • Release Timeline: The official release is expected in early January. Several churches are already using this feature.

Giving Scores:

    • These Giving Scores were released at the end of 2023. A document explaining the workings of these scores has been prepared.

Notes Improvements: A central Notes section under Giver Development is now available, allowing users to see all church-wide notes (subject to permission), with added search and filter functionalities.

We have lots of exciting new updates coming early in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates, including a central help section and significant improvements in workflows and searches. Need some help integrating these into your routine? Our team would be happy to help!