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Bequest or Non-Cash Giving: What’s the Difference?

Do you currently have a bequest ministry, but what you've experienced is that these gifts rarely make it to your ...
WEBINAR: FreedUP - Church-wide Financial Freedom Program

WEBINAR: FreedUP – Church-wide Financial Freedom Program

Learn about FreedUp – the Biblically-based financial freedom curriculum designed to help your people thrive financially and grow spiritually. During ...
2021 Giving Stats

WEBINAR: 2021 State of Giving – Key Impacts for Your Church

2020 proved to be an extraordinary year for many reasons – global pandemic, worldwide economic shutdown, institutional closures – the ...
Big Data and Analytics

Understanding Big Data – Financial Discipleship & Generosity

Continually changing community demographics makes it incredibly hard for churches to know the people located in their areas. In addition, ...
Summertime Generosity

Summertime Stewardship & Generosity

Don't let the summer slump in giving happen this year! Click below to watch our latest webinar, where we discuss ...