Tags View – Making Your Data Tangible

The Tags View in MortarStone is an excellent way to refine household data into small groups of tangible information, allowing you to better serve and disciple the givers in your church. You will learn how to take your basic data and create customized results to better reach your givers.

What are the Filter Options?

There are four filtering sections available to select:

Basic Filter: which includes the “Fund Type” (Campaign, General, or Other)
Smart Tags
Giving Bands
For this blog, we are specifically offering information about the different “Tag Views” available for filtering your household data. Check the blog section of our website for more information on the Giver’s View and Giving Bands.

There are 2 types of tag filtering sections:

Static Tags: These tags allow you to apply specific/pre-defined attributes to a household. For example, you can apply a tag that shows you all givers who are currently in a small group or have been baptized, etc. To import your church’s Static Tags, please review the following how-to instructions link.

Smart Tags: These tags allow you to set rules and criteria, based upon giving behaviors to households. The Smart Tags are refreshed everyday giving you the most up-to-date view of how households are giving. For example, you can create a Smart Tag that shows which households have a 90-day lapse in giving. If this household then attends a service and gives, they will be removed from this Smart Tag grouping.
How Do You Apply These Tags?

Static Tags
In the Givers View section of your dashboard, click on a household and see what tags are applied. Then you can choose to add other tags to that household, based on what information you want to track. You can add as many as you like.
Click on the submit button and the tag will be applied and populated to show you the specific households that meet this criteria.

Smart Tags
Select the “Tags” tab at the top of your dashboard screen.
Click on the “Smart Tags” section and then decide on a name for your tag. (Please note: We suggest choosing a name that is specific to the data you are requesting, ex. 90+ days lapsed)
Select a segmented option (ex., time since last gift)
Select a Rule (more than/less than) (ex. more than 90 days ago)
Select a time range (ex. 90)
Select the date range (day(s), month(s), year(s))
Once you have created your Smart Tag, the Tags View will then process the information and give you an overall number of households that meet these specific criteria. View the individual qualifying households by going to the Giver’s View window and selecting a specific household. You can also download the data to a CSV file from this window.

After you have viewed the data you can go back and apply more Tags, Basic Filters, Giving Bands and Smart Tags to refine the information even further.

Why is this useful information?

This type of detailed information on your givers is important for numerous reasons. Foremost, our goal at MortarStone is to give you the ability to disciple your givers through relational ministry. By using these types of filters to examine households’ giving behaviors, you now have the ability to see which givers may have a need for further pastoral care.

For detailed illustrations on the different tag options available through MortarStone, view the entire webinar above. Also, please remember to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for daily updates and helpful resources!

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