10 Ways To Engage Your Givers

In the life of a church, giving is more than just financial support; it is the lifeblood that fuels its mission and ministry. From sustaining the church’s operations to expanding its reach and serving the community, giving plays a pivotal role in fulfilling the church’s purpose. 

Beyond the financial aspect, giving is also a spiritual discipline that encourages your congregation to grow in their faith, trust in God, and align their values with the teachings of Christ. It is truly a reflection of faith, stewardship, and a commitment to making a positive impact. How can your church better engage your givers? Whether it is a new giver, long-time giver, or lapsed giver – it’s important for churches to know how to engage them.

At MortarStone, we value the significance of giver engagement and work with churches to grow giving! Here are 10 strategies to help your church effectively engage their givers:

1. Give Personalized Appreciation

The simplest acts of sincere gratitude can go a long way in engaging your givers. It is great to send private, personalized thank-you notes expressing your heartfelt appreciation for their giving at your church. These messages could be a hand-written note, an email from someone on your church staff, a video, or any other creative way. It is best to keep these private, as many people will not feel comfortable with their name listed on a website or on the screen at the service.

Make an effort to mention specific examples of how their donations have positively impacted the church, whether it’s funding a new outreach program, sponsoring a child in need, supporting a missionary, or enabling vital repairs to the church building. Personalization demonstrates that you value their partnership and care about their involvement, and it allows them to tangibly see how they have made a difference!

2. Invest In Streamlined Online Giving

In today’s digital age, making giving convenient and accessible is crucial. Most of your congregation will bring a mobile device to church, so it’s a great sign to invest in a user-friendly online giving platform that allows givers to contribute with ease. Ensure it offers options for recurring donations and allows givers to specify their giving preferences, such as tithes, offerings, or special campaigns. Additionally, provide multiple payment methods, such as credit cards or ACH transfers, to accommodate various preferences. This is in addition to the option to give cash or check in person if they’d prefer. 

3. Give Transparency and Accountability

Givers want to know that their contributions are making a meaningful impact on the church or its causes. It’s great for your church to regularly share detailed financial reports and updates on how donations are being utilized! Make sure to highlight success stories and testimonials from individuals or causes that have benefited directly from their generosity. A church demonstrating transparency and accountability builds trust and encourages continued engagement and giving in general.

4. Hold Giver Appreciation Events

Creating opportunities for face-to-face interaction with your givers is essential! Host giver appreciation events, such as dinners or gatherings, where they can connect with church leaders and fellow givers. These events offer a chance to provide updates on the church’s progress, share success stories, and discuss upcoming projects that they can support. When givers feel personally connected to the church’s leadership and vision, their engagement and commitment tend to grow.

5. Start Legacy Giving Programs

The average giver holds about 90% of their net worth in assets and 10% in cash. It is beneficial for churches to establish a legacy giving program that allows givers to include the church in their wills or estate plans. Working with a company like MortarStone can help equip your church to provide information and resources to help them with the process and encourage this type of legacy giving!

6. Initiate Prayer Partnerships

It is great to facilitate prayer partnerships within your congregation. Your church team can pair givers with specific individuals or families, encouraging them to pray for each other’s needs, both spiritual and material. These partnerships foster a deeper sense of community and support, reinforcing the idea that your church is not just a place of giving but also a community of care for one another as God’s children.

7. Ask Your Congregation For Feedback

Many members of your congregation, whether they are new or long-standing attendees, may have some causes they are passionate about. They may see a specific need in their community, and they might have great ideas for the church! This might help you think outside the box when it comes to fundraising campaigns as well. It may be helpful to send out surveys or ask your congregation either via email, mobile app, or in-service if they have any causes or ideas to mention.

8. Share Impact Reports

Church givers like to see how things are going and how their funds have impacted a cause! Regularly provide impact reports that vividly illustrate how givers’ donations have made a difference in a church service, on social media, or in an email chain. Some churches have visual dashboard reports showing progress or impact as well, which can encourage further giving. You can share stories of lives changed, communities transformed, and tangible outcomes resulting from their financial support. These reports serve as powerful reminders of the collective impact your congregation is making and motivate continued giving.

9. Speak on Stewardship Topics

It is always beneficial to address stewardship topics from the pulpit or during church events. Encourage your church leaders to speak on the importance of stewardship, generosity, and wise financial management where appropriate. Your church leaders can also provide practical guidance and biblical teachings on financial responsibility. These messages can inspire givers to deepen their commitment to supporting the church’s mission and see how they can make a difference.

10. Offer Financial Literacy Workshops

Churches should empower their givers with the knowledge and skills to manage their finances wisely, so they see how they can give within their means! Host financial literacy workshops or seminars that cover topics like budgeting, debt management, and responsible stewardship for the Kingdom. Equipping your congregation with financial wisdom not only benefits their personal lives and families but also strengthens their ability to support the church’s mission.

Engaging givers within your congregation is not just about increasing financial transactions; it’s about building a vibrant, connected church community that is passionately committed to advancing your mission. At MortarStone, we see the impact of generosity in the church and the importance of nurturing strong relationships with your givers. By implementing these ten strategies, your church can create an environment where givers feel valued, engaged, and inspired to continue supporting your ministries. 

Mortarstone believes God wants more for His Church, and leaders shouldn’t need to worry about how to budget for the future. We understand how stressful asking givers and reaching out to others in the church is, which is why our services provide strategic and effective tools to not only give churches insight and metrics on giving, but also coaching to help high-capacity givers think more creatively in their giving and learn how to leave legacy gifts to the Church. Learn more about MortarStone and how we can impact your church by signing up for free today!