Thank Givers

5 Simple Ways to Thank Your Givers

The Christmas season is one of the busiest times of year for churches. With Christmas-themed events and end-of-year campaigns, the last few weeks of December can be overwhelming for an already stretched thin church staff. In the midst of all these “to-dos,” it’s crucial that we don’t forget to say thank you to our faithful givers.

Did you know that over 31% of giving comes in December, with 12% of all giving happening the last three days of the year? Showing gratitude to these givers, as well as to your consistent recurring givers, needs to be a priority.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to thank your givers –

1. Show Appreciation on Your Website
On your homepage, have a small banner that thanks your givers for their ongoing commitment to Christ. Go the extra mile by linking this banner to your year-end letter.

2. Profile Givers in Communications
Send a thank-you email to your givers and feature 1-3 stories of life change from their faithful support.

3. Send Out Social Media
Share a life change story on your social media channels and thank the givers at your church for helping make this possible. You can run a geo-targeted ad that reaches your community with these stories.

4. Pick Up the phone
Using your MortarStone platform, pull a list of your faithful givers. Make it a priority to call 10-15 of these givers each day. You probably will get their voicemail, but leaving a thank you message can be just as successful when thanking your givers.

5. Mentions from Service 
Ask your senior pastor or lead staff to thank givers from the main stage. This is a simple 1-2 minute message that shows your appreciation. Video the message and send it out via email and social media.

End 2021 strong by remembering to thank your givers. Do you need help building a plan for measuring year-end giving? Let us help you out – click here to send us a message.