3 Giving Rules for 2018 – #3

Today we’ll close out this blog series with our third giving rule which focuses on the cause and reason for giving. How can we engage people in the act of intentional giving? Let’s find out in Rule #3 – Give Deliberately. Check out rules #1 and #2 in our previous blog posts.

Rule #3: Give Deliberately 

Give deliberately. Deliberately simply means intentionally, purposely, thoughtfully, knowingly. It means you do it on purpose, with a purpose. It is important to be deliberate in planning ways to fulfill the Great Commission. I’ve heard the saying “Do your giving while you’re living, so you’re knowing where it’s going.” Today is the only day we’re promised – it is of paramount importance to ask the King of the Universe today where He would like His assets distributed.

How do we get our congregants to make deliberate giving decisions? Here are a few ideas to help you along:

    • Get their attention. Use bold graphics and branded themes to encourage people to give purposefully.


    • Show them the money. Be completely transparent with how your congregant’s money is used. For example, if you are fundraising for a new campus, let them know that their gift goes to buy X number of chairs, or children’s toys, etc.


    • Be bold. Using your MortarStone ‘Top Donors’ report, analyze who these donors are and interview each of them about their choice to give. You’ll be amazed to hear the heart behind the gift and so will your new givers.


Although we could address a number of other giving rules that are outlined throughout scripture…applying these three rules to your stewardship plan in 2018 will increase your giver’s knowledge. And, hopefully, increase your church’s bottom line to provide more ministry!

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