2022 Website Trends

2022 Trends for Church Websites

The pandemic has taught us that hybrid churches are here to stay! Having an advanced digital presence and an exceptional user experience are a must to attract church visitors and ...
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Church Budget

Pivot Year: The Right Systems for the Best Decisions

2021 has been the year of the PIVOT! We've witnessed massive changes to our government, healthcare industry, educational institutions, and so many of the tried and true systems we've come ...
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Bequest or Non-Cash Giving: What’s the Difference?

Do you currently have a bequest ministry, but what you've experienced is that these gifts rarely make it to your church? If you're wondering how long-term sustainable funding with non-cash ...
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WEBINAR: FreedUP - Church-wide Financial Freedom Program

WEBINAR: FreedUP – Church-wide Financial Freedom Program

Learn about FreedUp – the Biblically-based financial freedom curriculum designed to help your people thrive financially and grow spiritually. During this webinar, you'll get an insiders view of this new ...
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2021 Giving Stats

WEBINAR: 2021 State of Giving – Key Impacts for Your Church

2020 proved to be an extraordinary year for many reasons – global pandemic, worldwide economic shutdown, institutional closures – the list goes on and on. Despite these societal changes and ...
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Big Data and Analytics

Understanding Big Data – Financial Discipleship & Generosity

Continually changing community demographics makes it incredibly hard for churches to know the people located in their areas. In addition, dramatic changes in the housing and job markets can cause ...
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Lapsed Givers

Avoiding Summertime Giving Lapses – Metrics & Strategies to Set You Up for Fall Giving Increases

Summer months are a great time to catch up with your lapsed givers. Did you know that a giver will leave a church, potentially forever, approximately 90 days after they ...
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Summertime Generosity

Summertime Stewardship & Generosity

Don't let the summer slump in giving happen this year! Click below to watch our latest webinar, where we discuss strategies growing churches are implementing now to financially disciple their ...
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Giver Communication

Customer Spotlight: Giver Communication Strategy

Churches are once again reporting growing numbers of in-person attendees, as well as online. Now, more than ever, it's important that you have a strategy for connecting with these people ...
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Giver-Centric Churches

Growing Churches are Giver-Centric

Is your church giver-centric? In 2021, churches that are growing are redefining their processes for engagement and making relationships a priority. Check out this short vlog for practical steps to ...
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